Cara tukar BNI POIN+ sangat mudah !

  • Download and install the BNI Mobile Banking application.
  • After logging in, your BNI POIN+ amount will be listed on the BNI Mobile Banking main menu/page.
  • Touch/press the BNI POIN+ logo under the "Your balance" description.
  • Before exchanging BNI POIN+, make sure you have filled in your mobile number and active e-mail address in the My Account > Profile > Contact Details menu.
  • On the BNI POIN+ menu, select the gift you want such as eVoucher, Airline Ticket, Vehicle Rental, Hotel Booking, Shopping for various favorite items (gadgets, electronics, fashion products) and BNI POIN+ Transfer. In addition, you can also use BNI POIN+ to help others by exchanging donation vouchers.
  • Touch/press "Redeem Now" then follow the next steps that appear on the screen.